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The “GCC Authorized Economic Operator” program responds to the need to facilitate import and export operations, as well as facilitate and expedite customs clearance procedures, release goods and contribute to enhancing security and safety in the supply chain of regional and global trade, through getting into a partnership between Customs Administrations and private sectors that wish to join the programs of GCC Authorized Economic Operator.

The GCC AEO Program Built on the concept of trust between Customs Administrations and Economic Operators working in the field of import and export on the basis of the historical record of these Economic Operators, which indicates their full compliance with laws and procedures, leading to granting them a exclusive treatment that enhances the facilitation and acceleration of their cross-border trade operations, and accordingly reducing costs, saving time and relieving the burdens of procedures for all concerned parties, either from customs authorities or private sectors.

The GCC AEO Program has been developed on the basis of the internationally recognized standards, as it derives its foundations from the logic adopted by the World Customs Organization within the ‚ÄúSAFE Framework of Standards to Secure and Facilitated Global trade of the World Customs Organization”, which is based on establishing a close partnership between Customs Administrations and private sectors, and in cooperation with border control authorities, that aims to enhance supply chain security. As these commercial establishments are viewed as reliable institutions and do not pose any risks with regard to respecting laws and security of the supply chain due to their full compliance records that support the assumption that it will continue to comply with customs and security requirements, thus giving them benefits and Facilitations in its cross-border trade operations.

Applying for the GCC AEO Program in the GCC countries is a voluntary concession, and applications for participation will be considered based on their compliance with the conditions after the successful completion of the validation and risk process.