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Benefits for Authorized Economic Operators

Once a company becomes AEO certified, they can enjoy a significant number of benefits. UAE AEO benefits may include:

  1. No need to submit supporting documents
  2. Grace period for declaration amendments
  3. Reduction in number of declarations selected for control
  4. Elimination of post-filing submission of supporting paper documents
  5. Electronic archiving of documents accessible at AEO premises
  6. Low or zero risk score for imports Security/Control
  7. Prioritization after border operations interruption
  8. Faster clearance
  9. Inspection prioritization
  10. Flexible inspection location
  11. VIP treatment at cargo terminals
  12. Reduced post clearance audits
  13. AEO Mutually Recognized Arrangements (MRA) Benefits
  14. Use of nonintrusive inspection technology
  15. Exclusion of AEO from targeted risk profiles when possible
  16. Dedicated Key Account Manager
  17. AEO self-guarantee
  18. Automatic refund credit
  19. Award of AEO certificate
  20. Training assistance
  21. Publication on Customs AEO Website
  22. Free use of UAEO in marketing
  23. VIP Lounge at Dubai Customs HQ
  24. Priority service through Call Center