Introduction to UAE AEO 2018-02-14T03:53:16+00:00


The AEO concept is a fundamental pillar to make Dubai the leading global trade hub , thus it is vital to build the best AEO program in the world and ensure the successful implementation of UAE -AEO concept.

Dubai Customs is a significant partner in the operation of the supply chain, acting as a facilitator and regulator of trade, and currently needs to enhance work with the business community to respond in an appropriate and coordinated manner to address new and emerging supply chain security challenges.

The Dubai Customs AEO program covers both security and compliance, and applies to all customs procedures.

Who can apply?

Any actor in the supply chain that fulfils the eligibility can apply for AEO status.


“To be the leading security and trade facilitation program setting new global standards within the supply chain”


“Dynamic competitive connectivity platform for authorized trade partners enhancing innovative security, facilitation and resource efficiency”