GCC AEO Benefits 2023-02-13T10:40:45+00:00
Procedural Benefits
1 Simplified verification of documents related to customs clearance operations.
Security Benefits
1 A company that holds the status of GCC AEO has the advantage of low sampling based on risk analysis.
2 A GCC AEO is given a special treatment; exports and imports pass through express lines.
3 Priority in inspection and speeding up cargo clearance process.
4 The possibility of requesting a special place for customs inspection and transfer of commodities directly to the AEO warehouses, in coordination and approval of the customs authorities, or to places approved by the customs authorities to complete customs inspection and clearance.
Financial Benefits
1 Providing financial facilities (if any).
Benefits Related to Regulatory and Border Authorities
1 Providing additional facilities to AEOs through cooperation with regulatory and border authorities.
Benefits of a Mutual Recognition Agreement
1 Mutual Recognition Agreements concluded by the GCC Member States with other countries provide advantages in those countries for the benefit of the AEOs in the GCC States.
Other Benefits
1 Training and participation in workshops and meetings,organized by customs administrations in the GCC States, to spread awareness of the benefits, features, and joining conditions of the GCC AEO Program.
2 Appointment of contact officers, by the customs authorities, to handle issues related to the clearance of commodities for GCC AEOs.
3 The possibility of benefiting from AEO’s status in marketing.
4 Any other, added or upgraded, benefits that are agreed upon by the team of the GCC AEO.