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Eligibility Criteria

Following criteria must be met by the applicants in order to join the AEO program: 

  • The applicant is a legal entity involved in customs related activities or as part of the international supply chain;
  • The applicant conducts business in UAE and has a Customs Business Code;
  • One application is required for the entirety of each legal entity;
  • It is not possible to apply for a limited AEO certification, such as for one manufacturing site within a company or one customs process (e.g. export);
  • There are no financial or other formal thresholds that need to be met prior to application;
  • The Applicant or its senior executive management must not have been convicted in court for a serious criminal offence linked to economic activities within three years of the application date; and
  • The Applicant must not have had a previous AEO status revoked by Customs within three years prior to applying in Dubai.

After application has been approved, An extensive validation will be performed by the Customs Authority in order to verify the criteria for AEO certificate.

The criteria is categorized in four areas:

Record Keeping

  • Accounting system consistent with generally accepted good accounting principles that will facilitate audit-based customs control
  • Allow Customs to access the Applicant’s customs and transport records
  • Have an administrative organization that corresponds to the Applicant’s type and size of business suitable for the management of the flow of goods, and have internal controls capable of detecting illegal or irregular transactions
  • Have satisfactory procedures in place for the handling of licenses and authorizations connected to commercial policy measures or trade in agricultural products
  • Have satisfactory procedures in place for the archiving of the company records and information and for protection against the loss of information
  • Ensure that employees are aware of the need to inform Customs whenever compliance difficulties are discovered
  • Appropriate IT security measures in place to protect ICT systems.

 Financial Viability

  • For previous three years, duties and fees are paid and no outstanding debts
  • Solvency rating must be similar to Dun & Bradstreet rating B or above


  • Sufficient compliance records for the last three years
  • No serious or repeated infringements of Customs rules by the following persons:
    • The applicant
    • The person in charge of the company
    • The person responsible for Customs matters


  • Buildings are constructed to resist unlawful entry and provide protection against unlawful intrusion
  • Appropriate access control measures are in place to prevent unauthorized access to cargo areas
  • Measures for the handling of goods include protection against the introduction, exchange or loss of any material and tampering with cargo units
  • Procedures are in place for the handling of import and/or export licenses connected to prohibitions and restrictions and to distinguish these goods from other goods
  • Measures are implemented allowing clear identification of business partners to secure the international supply chain
  • Implementation of security screening on prospective employees working in security sensitive positions and carries out periodic background checks
  • Ensuring that the concerned staff actively participates in security awareness programs.